Blast Mitigation by PAXCON®

Blast Mitigation, also known as bomb mitigation are forms of defence to protect people, facilities and assets by decreasing or preventing the effects of a bomb blast. PAXCON PX-3350 is a spray applied protective coatings that has been designed to mitigate the effects of an explosion by containing the fragmented pieces, that cause up to 80% of injuries during a bomb blast.

When applied as part of a comprehensive protective measure against terror attacks and other dynamic events, PAXCON aids at keeping structures intact giving occupants valuable time to reach safety.

The Blast Coating Experts

PAXCON by LINE-X has been put through numerous blast tests to make sure we can offer you the most efficient application for blast-mitigation.

Here at LINE-X Distribution UK, we work directly with blast experts to calculate the perfect package for your requirements.

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