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What is Paxcon®

PAXCON® is a range of spray applied protective coatings developed by the LINE-X® Corporation to protect against acts of terror.

The PAXCON® range include PX3350, a blast mitigation protective coating and PX2100, a spall Liner used to prevent both mechanical spalling and antitank warfare.

Fragmentation is the number one killer in a bomb blast. The Blast Mitigation protective coating, PX3350, can be applied to buildings and has been designed to mitigate the effects of an explosion by containing the fragmented pieces.

In fact when the Air Force Research Laboratory tested Energy Resistant Coatings, the PX 3350 polyurea coating out performed all 27 other coatings tested.

The PAXCON® coating has already been applied in several major cities around the world on military, civilian and Government buildings including the US Pentagon

The US Pentagon is protected by PAXCON®

The LINE-X spray applied Spall Liner, PX2100, has been formulated to prevent the spalling that is created when a bullet impacts onto armour plate. The material allows the bullet to penetrate the coating but as the bullet hits the armour and spalls the coating contracts to catch and contain the spall. The PX2100 can be applied on both the strike side and the reverse side to prevent the spall.

PAXCON Spall Liner Protected Plate


Paxcon PX2100 is the only polyurea coating with certificated testing by HP White Labs that proves the effectiveness of the LINE-X Spall linier which prevented every bullet from spalling throughout the entire testing.