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PAXCON® Spray-on Spall Lining

Spalling occurs when an object fractures and fragments upon impact of another surface, for instance when a bullet hits metal armour plating part of the bullet breaks up into tiny shards of metal that fly out at high pressure. It is these shards of bullet that cause injury or even death.


LINE-X offers a protective spall-lining (px-2100) that is sprayed onto equipment and body armour such as breast plates. The LINE-X spall-liner is tougher than steel but has the ability to flex. The flexing of the LINE-X coating absorbs the impact of the bullet, stopping the bullet from fragmenting, therefore preventing spalling.


PAXCON®, developed by LINE-X is the only polyurethane material that has received certificated testing by H.P White Labs in accordance to STANAG 4569 III and NIJ III. The result from these tests showed that PX-2100 sprayed over armour plating at 6mm thick completely prevented every bullet from spalling. On a test to failure at .30 caliber the PX 2100 stopped the bullet from spalling even though the round passed through the steel.

LINE-X not only has the certification that proves the anti-spalling capability but also have the real true life story of the solider that was saved by the LINE-X coated ballistic vest after being shot in the back by a sniper rifle. Read the article by the American Forces Press Services.