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About Paxcon® UK Ltd

Paxcon UK Ltd was set up in August 2005 as the sole appointed supplier of the PAXCON® range of Blast Protection Coatings for the United Kingdom.
After extensive training at Paxcon USA headquarters in Santa Ana, California, Paxcon UK Ltd launched the PAXCON® Blast Protection Coating at the DSEi show in London. The show was a tremendous success with Paxcon UK receiving several invitations to tender on various projects both military and civilian.
Paxcon UK Ltd appoint a project manager to each application who will work closely with our design and engineering department at our corporate offices in the USA, to design a custom package for each project.

PAXCON is spray applied (pic)PAXCON sprayed on the substrate (pic)

PAXCON applied straight on to brickComplete wall treated with PAXCON